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Wake Up the Stones,
Welcome to the earthly psychosphere

Wake Up the Stones

An audio visual installation and performance by
Moon & Sun and Nicole Martens.

A semi-abstract audiovisual journey on the verge of apocalypse and universal hope. Through several visual layers and dimensions, a surreal landscape is created, blending the digital and the analogue, the figurative and the abstract, the real and the unreal. It is not a window we are looking out of but a world we travel in.

Wake Up the Stones is a collaboration between Moon & Sun and Nicole Martens. It’s a song, a music video and a performative installation. For one moment in time Wake Up the Stones will enter the physical world and the earthly psychosphere for a live performance. This will be a chance to experience the audio visual work in a non digital environment, moment to lose connection to the outside world and a moment to share in the now. There will be no reproduction of this moment, only the present, and after that: a memory.

Saturday 18 March 2017,
21.00 K-G-B Amsterdam Noord
Tickets at the door € 10

Follow the link to attend and
sign up for additional information:

We hope to see you there.
With Love,

Nicole Martens
Monica Tormell
Wake Up the Stones is an audio visual collaboration between Moon & Sun and Nicole Martens.

Digital 3D design by Alida Glasbeek
Web-technical support by Manystaff
Musicians for performance are
Monica Tormell, Caspar Stalenhoef,
Staffan Björk & Mikey Casalaina.

Made possible by each other.

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