Showroom Back Catalog


Showroom Back Catalog.

This is the back catalog of NM (studio). It was developed as an artwork in 2016 together with friend and fellow designer Gilles de Brock. It functioned as the studio’s main website till 2019.

The artwork is a publication, a gesture, a statement, a playground, a critical attitude, and a research into the phenomenon of presentation in two domains (visual arts and graphic design) as well as into presentation in general. It is also a showroom that
aspires to show a comprehensive overview of all the work together, as well as the potency and coherence between projects and disciplines. The minimal substantive explanation, direction and hierarchy within the displayed work, the critical note in the form of self-service categorization and the arbitrary sorting filters are intentional and leave the visitor free to decide whether or not to frame projects as desired and/or
take a serendipitous route. The club owner, the supervising architect, the student,
the curator, the musician, the museum or commercial brand’s creative director, they
all come from different perspectives whereas I speak with one inclusive voice. They are invited to categorize as desired, a selection I do not wish to make.

Since graduating in 2005, the studio researched various online forms of publication to present its work in a progressive and artistic context. Exploring the potential of the web and the relationship to autonomous and applied graphic design through form and technical experiments, these design systems were questioned and in the process new ones were created. Showing work and magnifying individual projects has always been secondary to creating a new online work that could also be a portfolio website. Almost all of my websites have therefore been, above all, artistically and substantially experimental works.

Showroom Back Catalog is the studio’s 9th website. It mainly discusses systems and attitudes but not necessarily my oeuvre or individual projects. It is a showroom rather than a portfolio or handbook. 

A new publication that answers these functions is currently being realized in collaboration with Studio Harris Blondman in the form of a distinct, encyclopedic
and determining online publication.

August, 2019